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Have you ever wanted a virtual receptionist? If so we have your answer!
At Sooner Answer Service we provide live telephone answering service. Live answer means real people, not voice mail systems, will answer your calls. By forwarding your calls to us you enable our TSR (telephone service representatives) to answer your calls. We will answer with your company name or in any way you wish us to. Example: “Thank you for calling Jon Doe’s office.” After greeting your caller our TSR will obtain the information you need from your caller, as well as answer any questions your caller might have. Once the message is taken and the caller has disconnected, your message will be dispatched. Messages can be dispatched in many ways. The most common method is to receive your message as a text message to your cell phone or PDA. You can also use methods like e-mail, faxing, paging, or any combination of these. With the latest hardware and software keeping track of who is on-call and who is next to be contacted to dispatch a call, your calls will always go to the right person!

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Basic by-the-call package
$170.00 per month, this includes the 1st 100 calls.
All calls over the 1st 100 calls are $1.20 per call.

Basic by-the-operator-hour package
$170.00 ($85.00 per hour, minimum 2 hours) - all time over 2 hours will be billed in 1-minute increments at $1.25 per minute. This includes the time telephone service representatives are actually talking to your callers.

These are only our 2 basic packages - if you have a large call volume or a small call volume, prices can be structured to fit your particular needs. Just call us at 405.359.0688 and we can discuss it!!!

Come on and try us!  You will like us!